22 year old – low grade osteogenic sarcoma

low grade osteogenic sarcoma

A 22 year old male patient visited the hospital, a known case of low grade osteogenic sarcoma with pathological fracture and bad open biopsy scar over lower portion of the leg above ankle.The patient has visited most renowned 3 to 4 corporate hopsitals in Hyderabad where everyone has adviced for below knee amputation. Finally he visited our hospital, Dr. Kishore B Reddy have performed a wide excision of distal tibia along with the bad biopsy scar and reconstructed with vascular fibula strut graft. The patient is happy and independent performing his daily routine normally for last 5 years with full function of his ankle.


Low Grade Intraosseous Osteosarcoma is a low-grade malignancy, similar to parosteal osteosarcoma. Radiographs of low grade intraosseous osteosarcoma may demonstrate a benign appearance. MR Imaging, demonstrates intermediate to hypointense signal on T1-weighted images. Bone scintigraphy frequently display an increase radiotracer uptake.

Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed low grade osteogenic sarcoma . And the case photos are given below.