GCT left distal radius

A 30 year old male patient visited the hospital with complaints of pain and swelling in left wrist. After evaluation the patient was diagnosed as GCT left distal radius after evaluation Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed a Curettage and reconstruction with bone cement and plating. The patient is happy and indepedent performing his daily routine normally for last 3 years. He has obtained full wrist movement as he needed daily job requirement being a software professional.

Functional status was evaluated using Musculo Skeletal Tumor Society scoring system which averaged 78%. The recurrence rate was 32%. Complications included local recurrence (six), nonunion at the graft bone junction (one), infection (one), deformity (two), stiffness (two), subluxation (two) and bony metastasis (one).

Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed GCT left distal radius . And the case photos are given below.