Dr. Navneet Wadhwa – Internal Hemipelvectomy Type II


Dr. Navneet Wadhwa MBBS, MD. Pharma from Bombay walked into the hospital stating he was suffering, pain while sitting for the last two months. After evaluation, Dr. Kishore B Reddy diagnosed this as Chondrosarcoma of II Ilium.

Chondrosarcoma Ilium:
Physicians grade chondrosarcoma using several criteria, but particularly on how abnormal the cancerous cells appear under the microscope, and the growth rate of the tumors themselves, both of which are directly linked to the propensity of the cancer to invade locally, and to spread widely to distant organs and sites in the body (called metastasis).


Imaging studies – including radiographs (“x-rays”), computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – are often used to make a presumptive diagnosis of chondrosarcoma. However, a definitive diagnosis depends on the identification of malignant cancer cells producing cartilage in a biopsy specimen that has been examined by a pathologist. In a few cases, usually of highly anaplastic tumors, immunohistochemistry (IHC)is required.

Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed Internal Hemipelvectomy Type II surgery. And the case photos are given below.


“Dr Kishore B Reddy is an angel sent by god with confidence, knowledge and attitude which helps the patient gain motivation to help heal and recover early. He is transparent and his gut feeling about the prognosis is in-line with evidence based medicine. May God give him long life and lots of success in the future.”

-Dr.Navneet Wadhwa MBBS, MD.Pharma, KMC Manipal