38 year old - Internal Hemipelvectomy Type I


A 38 year old male patient from Bombay walked into the hospital stating he was suffering from pain while sitting for the last two months. After evaluation, Dr. Kishore B Reddy diagnosed this as Internal Hemipelvectomy Type I. Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed a surgery and he is recovering at full pace.


30 years old - GCT left distal radius


A 30 year old male patient visited the hospital with complaints of pain and swelling in left wrist. After evaluation the patient was diagnosed as GCT left distal radius after evaluation Dr. Kishore B Reddy performed a Curettage and reconstruction with bone cement and plating.


22 year old - low grade osteogenic sarcoma


A 22 year old male patient visited the hospital, a known case of low grade osteogenic sarcoma with pathological fracture and bad open biopsy scar over lower portion of the leg above ankle.


27 year old - Non-metastatic Osteogenic Sarcoma in right distal femur


A 27 year old patient walked into the hospital with a history of pain in the right knee. After evaluation, the patient has been diagnosed with non metastatic Osteogenic Sarcoma in right distal femur.