Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors

Before we understand what bone and soft tissue tumors are, Let us know what tumor is.

A tumor is the abnormal growth of a cell. It may sound simple but, the person who is diagnosed with it may have a risk to his/her life. However due to the advancement the field of medical science there are many ways to treat any disease. Tumor’s are of many kinds but let us explore what bone and soft tissue tumor is.Like all the other tumors these can be benign and malignant. The malignant tumor is called sarcomas. When the tumor starts on the skeleton of a body, like a leg bone, ribs and arm bone it’s called the bone tumor and most of this occurs in the arms and legs. Soft tissue is defined as the supportive tissue of various organs and it includes the fat, muscle, nerves, fibrous tissues, blood vessels, or deep skin tissues. And when tumor starts from these regions it is called soft tissue tumor.

Now, even though it’s said sarcomas are not that common let’s look at who can be of a risk of these cancers.
  • A family history of genetic disorders: A small number of bone cancers, especially osteosarcomas, seem to be linked to hereditary diseases.
  • Prior radiation therapy to treat another cancer: Radiation exposure accounts for less than five percent of sarcoma cases. It may start at the place that was originally treated for cancer. However, the treatments have become more precise and the occurrence of this cancer due to radiation is expected to reduce.
  • Having a bone marrow transplant: In a very small number of cases, having a bone marrow transplant has been linked to developing bone cancer.

Again, it is imprudent to think that just because one possesses the risk to develop these cancers doesn’t mean one will.

So, now that we are done with the basics, given below are some of the symptoms that one can watch out for:
  • Painless swelling in any area of the body
  • Bone pain
  • Joint pain
  • Decreased use of an arm or leg
  • Fracture in a bone from minor trauma
  • All though we all wish to stay fit as a fiddle, we need to aware of the treatment options available in case of worst case scenario. We should know what we want from the treatments we undergo. A best-case scenario would be getting rid of the tumor but sometimes when the former cannot be met to improve the quality of life treatment need to be considered. The treatments will depend on your age, general health, and the type and stage of bone cancer. Given below are few of those:

  • Surgery: This is the one of the main treatment for most bone cancers. Surgery is done to remove the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue. This is done to make sure all of the cancer is removed.
  • Chemotherapy: Here drugs are used to kill the cancerous cells. It is sometimes also used to shrink the tumors before surgery.
  • Radiation therapy: In this treatment, radiation is used to target and kill the cancerous cells. However, it is not the main treatment for bone cancer. Radiation can help ease the symptoms of bone cancer.
  • Targeted therapy: New drugs are now available that would target and attack the specific cancer cells without affecting surrounding cells.
  • Just as how important the treatments were, the follow-up check is equally necessary. They help to detect any recurrence of cancer. Like through all diseases, it is essential to be self-motivated and positive despite the outcome. Don’t lose hope for all is not lost until we fight our chances.